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Book José Vicente Rojas for your event.


The reason we travel to your event is to support you in mobilizing your people.


We receive numerous requests for our services, often exceeding our ability to accept many of them, so we want you to know how to assure your invitation receives the highest consideration.


Keep in mind that our absolute passion is to support events and initiatives where inspiration, training and coordination are part of an intentional plan to mobilize people into their communities.


Your event can be:


An inspirational summit:

Rallying support for the cause


An equipping event:

Preparing people for the cause


A celebratory event:

Celebrating achievement of the cause.


Only an official representative of your organization may submit this invitation form.


For example:


If you are a Church:

A Pastor


If you are a Corporate or Business Entity:

An Administrator or Director


If you are a Government or

Community Organization: 

A Director or Official Representative

Sevices you are requesting:

Thanks for submitting!

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